Best Outfield Gloves Baseball (Our Ultimate Analysis With #1 Winner)

Best Outfield Gloves Baseball

Being an outfield player in baseball means you are ready for adrenaline and excitement, which will surely be provided by running around while catching and throwing the ball. Outfielder’s responsibility is to cover a third of outfields, which means that they need to have the ability to cover a lot of ground. Explosivity and fast reactions are essential as their capability of being able to catch the ball and let it go quick.

But, like other positions in baseball and softball, it is crucial to have adequate equipment, so make sure to inform about best outfield baseball gloves. I have spent some time researching baseball gloves, so I want to help you choose the best for your demands.

If you are a baseball player, or about to become one, you should try to maximize your performance by not thinking of equipment you have but only about the ball. I will provide you the information you need to find that crucial piece of equipment that can be fully trusted.


Best Outfield Gloves Baseball – Buying Guide

When buying a glove, there are a few basic terms that are defined. One of them is a type of throw. That depends on which hand the player uses to throw a ball.

  • If you are a right-hand thrower, that means you will wear a glove on your left hand.
  • If you are a left-hand thrower, that means you will wear a glove on your right hand.

You also should pay attention to glove size, which can vary between 12” to 12.75” for regular size. However, glove sizes also differ from your age and league. For example, kids under seven years outfield gloves size are between 9” and 10.5” while for all over 14 years is 12”-13”. When trying to find out how long a glove is, you can look on the thumb or pinky finger, and you should see the size etched in the leather there. The sizes range from 8 to 15 inches and 35 inches for the catcher’s mitts.

Baseball glove has four major essential parts:

  • Webbing: When you observe every baseball glove, you can see connecting the web thumb of the glove with fingers to help catch the ball and secure it in your glove.
  • Fingers: When it comes to fingers on a baseball or softball glove, there is not much difference other than the length of the fingers to make for a longer glove. However, players will either place one finger in the pinky hole or place two fingers in it, making the glove close differently depending on their preference.
  • Palm: Pocket work with the web to secure ball gloves once it is caught. Pocket provides padding to the hand to help reduce stings once the ball is caught directly in the palm area.
  • Heel: It is located below palm and has a role structuring the shape of the glove.

As we all know, the outfielder has to field and catch fly balls, so you need to have Large Pocket Size to gratify that. The pockets are deeper to prevent the ball from popping out of the glove.

One of the most important parts when playing as an outfielder is to protect your hands from injury. Outfield gloves have exceptional support in the palm and finger are to protect you from damage, so you don’t have to worry.

Outfield gloves are made for diving catches and catching fly balls, so that’s why most preferred webbings are the trapeze webbing and H-web.

The trapeze webbing is deeper and closes faster than any other type of webbings, giving you the advantage to prevent the ball from popping out of glove by squeezing it more quickly.

The H-web provides a vigorous and flexible structure to the glove. The design of H-web is like that you can see through webbing while catching a fly ball.

These types of pockets are the best for long extension plays that need to keep the ball in the glove, like diving plays and snow cones.

There are three types of outfield baseball gloves by price:

1.Lower End

2.Middle Class

3.High End

  1. Lower End is the cheapest one on the market. Their price is moving from 50$ to 100$. If you want to play baseball recreationally, this is the right choice for you because of their low price.

Apart from that, these gloves have nearly got no top sides. So think about spending more money on the highest tier gloves.

  1. Middle-Class gloves are not for professionals, but they are suitable for everyone who takes this sport seriously. Although this glove isn’t high-end ones, with a little break-in, they will be perfect for your hand.
  2. The high end is the best outfield baseball gloves used by the most famous MLB players. They are mostly made of kip leather. Kip leather provides you a lot of durabilities as well as a more delicate and softer feel. Kip leather needs more time to be broken, but once it becomes super soft and perfectly molded to your hand. I assure you that they will become one of your best friends.