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How to Play Lacrosse & What Exactly It is?

What is Lacrosse? The lacrosse is a sport that shares similarities with hockey, but also with other forms of racket, and it is common practice in the United States and Canada. However, more and more countries, including Spain, have been encouraged to create their teams of this fast and fun game that consists of catching the rubber ball with a stick finished in...

Differences Between Softball and Baseball Gloves

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4 Major Differences Between Softball and Baseball Gloves

Baseball and softball gloves are leather gloves worn on the player’s non-pulling hand and used by outfielders to catch the ball when it is thrown or batted. Gloves are generally brown or black and are made of leather or synthetic materials. Both baseball and softball have different styles of gloves that are worn by different players, depending on their position on the...

types of gloves

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Different Types of Gloves

A glove is personal protective equipment (PPE) that protects the hand or part of it against risks, according to the UNE-EN 420 standard. In some cases, it can cover part of the forearm and arm.   Types of Gloves Protective Gloves There are different types of protective gloves, and each one has a specific function and is indicated to protect...

Best Outfield Gloves Baseball

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Best Outfield Gloves Baseball (Our Ultimate Analysis With #1 Winner)

Being an outfield player in baseball means you are ready for adrenaline and excitement, which will surely be provided by running around while catching and throwing the ball. Outfielder’s responsibility is to cover a third of outfields, which means that they need to have the ability to cover a lot of ground. Explosivity and fast reactions are essential as their...

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